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H1 in transfer - and Travel to India - IMP!!

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  • H1 in transfer - and Travel to India - IMP!!


    I have recently accepted a offer at Company B. They are going to file H1b transfer in Premium processing for me. Company A's H1b is valid till 2007 (but is not stamped). I have currently taken an appointment at New Delhi for stamping on Mar 1st (is with petion details for Company A, but once I get the approved petion for company B, I will update the information online, and take those prints accordingly)

    QUE: I am also planning to travel to India in 1st week of Feb.
    Is it safe?
    When can I leave the country - after my H1b for company B is apporved?
    only after I receive the physical I797 paper with me for company B?

    Any other words of advise?

    Thanks much!!

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    Travel to India before H1 transfer approval but after getting receipt

    Hi guys

    Could someone please advise me on H1 transfer. I am working for company A and my current job is getting over on 31st march. Company B which is a recruiting company is doing my H1 transfer starting next week. So I'll get the H1 receipt within 15 days. After that I am going to India on 12th April and will go for stamping in Delhi once the company B sends me all the approval documents in India. My question is would there be a problem in getting my new h1 visa stamped as I leave the country before getting the approval (but after getting the receipt)? I won't have any pay stubs from the new job as I will be starting my work only after I come back. But I'll have all the pay stubs till March 31st from my previous job. I would appreciate if someone can tell me the problems involved in this and ofcourse the solution (other than going for premium processing).