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H1B - 221G - White Slip

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  • H1B - 221G - White Slip


    I attended for stamping in mumbai. VO interviewed for 35 min, asked so many questions, repeating the questions 3 to 4 times, mainly about job roles and responsibilities, about the project.
    Finally he said to read the white slip pasted a side. Thought, visa has approved. He went inside, discussed with some other person, and again asked same questions about project, roles and responsibilities.
    VO kept the expressions that, he satisfied with my answers.
    At last, he took white slip and checked some options and said, please email these documents.

    I said, Thank You and returned with disappointed.

    My question is: In 221 G, it mentioned like:
    "Please email PDF copies (total email LESS than 2MB) of all check marked documents."

    But my all required pdf documents size exceeds 50 mb.

    How can I send LESS than 2MB?

    He was asking the following documents:
    1. A copy of the petition with all supporting documents as filed with USCIS.
    2. A copy of employment contract or letter of agreement signed by you and the petitoner.
    3. A copy of the contract between the US based petitioner and the client company.
    4. Detailed description of the project.
    5. Copies of your complete academic credentials.
    6. Copies of all pay slips and monthly bank statements for the last year.

    How can all these documents will be LESS THAN 2MB SIZE?

    Please suggest...!

    Thanks a TON in advance...!