Respected Sir/Madam,

I came to USA from India on 07 July 2012 and my H1 B visa expired on May 2013. I changed my employer in 2013 within US and got new I 797.

My Current I 797 expires on 31st Jan 2016. I also applied for H1B Extension and got the approved I 797 starting from next day of current petition i.e 1st Feb 2016 until 31st Jan 2017.

I am planning to travel to India on 20th Oct 2015 for Visa Stamping Interview.

My Query is :

Will the Visa get stamped starting from Date of Interview ( 20th Oct 2015) until my latest extended petition end date (31st Jan 2017) ?


Will the visa get stamped starting from the Start date of my latest extended petition( (1st Feb 2016) until my latest extended petition end date (31st Jan 2017) ?

I am expecting the Start date of Visa to be from Date of Interview rather than the start date mentioned in my latest petition.Else i will not be able to re-enter USA until 1st Feb2016, eventhough my current petition is valid till 31st Jan 2016. Please clarify.

Quick response is greatly appreciated, as i have my travel dates nearing. Thanks.