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  • get the docs right

    No room for emotions here.Get the docs rightWe must remember to put ourselves in the shoes of visa officers who are bombarded day in day out by overambitious greedy indian nationals who think
    the GRASS is the greenest in USA,but fail to get their documentation right.

    Give them a break,stop boasting of your experience & qualifications,get your documentation right.Present them right.Answer without stutter.
    Get some clarity in whatever you say.I doubt you will have any problems if you do these things correctly.

    Every person applying for a visa is seen as a potential immigrant.

    Finally a warning to all the frauds,please dont spoil india's name by putting false experience,giving **** degrees,because of you guys a lot of genuine cases miss out.

    This is not a legal advise.How can it be?,im not a lawer.