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H1 approved but no project

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  • H1 approved but no project

    Hello guys,

    I'm employed thru company A for past 3 yrs. I was on OPT & my company sponsored me H1 this year. Its been approved for 3 yrs starting October 2015. My proj got ended in Aug 2015 & since then was on bench (no pay). My company was not able to find a project till now & since he cannot pay me without a project, he advises me to leave US & comeback again when there is a project assigned for me. He told that he would not revoke my H1 if I leave US. My questions are as follows

    1. How long can the H1 be kept open (not revoked by company)
    2. Can I come back again if employer places me in a project?
    3. If at all I'm assigned a project, then would there be any problems during visa stamping?

    Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance