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221g DUI chennai - submitted passport

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  • 221g DUI chennai - submitted passport

    I attended interview on 15th september and i had a DUI in the past so i was given 221g and asked to appear before panel physicial , i finished all the tests same day on 15th september and reports were sent by next day noon. On 28th september i recieved another blue slip asking me to submit my passport . Its been almost 9 days since i submitted my passport . When i checked ceac website it still showing "Admin Processing " and i can see last status updated on "5th october" , I thought i will be getting some update today. after following so many posts in immihelp which says after status update time next day most of them got their status updated as "Issued" . Now i am nervous will my visa will get approved ?

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    someone please respond

    could someone please respond and let me know ...i am little nervous


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      Anu update??? You will get it for sure


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        Nope still waiting to hear , today morning called Chennai consulate they said i will get some update by end of this week.


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          finally my visa got approved