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Maternity leave - H1B to H4

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  • Maternity leave - H1B to H4

    Hello All,
    Please advise:
    My wife is currently on an H1B visa and was working as, on an hourly paid employee till April/2015. i.e she ONLY gets paid for the hours that she works at the client place.

    She is a "High Risk Pregnancy” and the doctor recommended not to work for the entire duration of the pregnancy(April – Jan 2015). The doctor had also provided a letter stating the same.

    With this said, she had started her "Unpaid Leave of Absence" from April/2015 with her Manager’s & HR approval – Note: Did not run a pay check since then(April/2015- 10/13/2015). FYI - She is on my health insurance
    She had waited this long to see if she can go back to work if incase she feels better, but that did not work. Now, we have decided to do COS from H1B to H4.

    Q - Is there going to be an issue, even with adequate proof of documentation, H1B to H4?
    1.Pay slips till April/2015
    2.Employee leave absence from April/2015 to Oct/2015
    3.Letter from the doctor
    4.Leave of absence approval letter from employer
    5.Proof of employment
    6.And other required documents

    Thank You