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Multiple H1B approval during Visa Stamping

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  • Multiple H1B approval during Visa Stamping

    Below is my Situation/ Question,

    I am currently on H1B visa working with company A, Company A has applied for my extension and I am going to India and getting my Visa stamped this December 2015( Dropbox process).
    I also have a job offer from company B who is ready to file my Visa transfer under priority( 15 days), approx- would have my visa transfer completed by Nov 15th.

    1) When I travel to India can I get my Company A visa stamped while I have company B visa approved, upon return to US, can I put down my papers with company A and start my work on company B

    2) When I am in India, can I get my Company B visa stamped while I also have Company A extension approved, upon return can give my 2 weeks notice to company A and start company B after 3 weeks?
    - Also, is it safe to get stamped in less than a month of visa approval from company B ?

    In both the above situations, I am going to join company B but it's matter of can I have the flexibility to stamp the visa I prefer due to personal and other supporting factors.