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H1 extension RFE ' Right to Control'

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  • H1 extension RFE ' Right to Control'


    I have applied for my 3 years H1 visa extension on June. 19th Oct I received RFE on "Employee-Employee relation -- Right to control". I am working in EC model, client location.

    My employer asked PO in order to respond my RFE.

    1. In my PO current contact end date mentioned as 30th Jan, 2016.
    2. In my client letter, client mentioned current contact end date is 30th Jan but it may further extend upto 31st Dec 2016.
    3. In my work itinearary and managers letter( in my employer letter head) we are provding work break diwn till Dec 2017.

    My questions now,

    1. As my current contact end date is closer, can USCIS reject my case?

    2. If they approved how long I may get?

    3. Other than client letter, managers letter and work itinearary any other document do I need to provide?

    4. If above mentioned dicumenta I provide what is the chance of visa approval?


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    H1 extension RFE ' Right to Control'

    Any one having similar issue?