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University H1-B stamping in December- special case

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  • University H1-B stamping in December- special case

    Hi everyone,
    I am coming to India in month of December for my H1-B stamping since I started my new job with one of the renowned universities in the USA.

    Here is my story-
    I came to the States in August 2014 as a special non-degree student. I came on student (F-1) visa. My student visa was first rejected in Mumbai since it was for "non-degree". Then I reapplied in Chennai consulate and got it.
    While on this(non-degree) position I applied for my PhD and also applied for few job postings of the same university. Due to lack of Computer Science background my PhD application did not go through. Meanwhile I got interviewed at one of the positions and got the job. The employer (university) filed my H1-B and got it done in few months. I am working at this new position since 3 months. Now I am coming to India and will be stamping in Chennai.

    My questions-
    Does this case look complicated or suspicious for rejection because of the non-degree position and then getting H1-B within a year after coming to the States? Will I be questioned for my non-degree position? Also, my husband is in the same university since 6 years now; will that affect my visa?
    What are the unusual questions I might come across because of my not usual H1-B case??