Hi guys,

Want to thank everyone behind this site, for providing valuable info to everybody. I would like to get some help from someone. I am a regular F1-opt-H1 person, and graduated in dec 2004,H1 started in oct 05, everything is in order.

Im trying to get my h1 stamped from either mexico or canada, since i need to go home in april. However, im not able to get dates in tijuana,el paso. Is it easier to get stamping in mexico or is it easier in canada. I live in California so texas and vancouver both are as far for me. Do i need to have a valid reason to go and get myself stamped in canada. Plus, if i drive to mexico i will have my 1-94 with me while for canada i would have to fly and surrender my i-94 is that risky.

Further has anyone got stamping in Nogales near arizona.

Please help.