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H1b 6 year rule start date

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  • H1b 6 year rule start date


    I had my H1B petition approved in 2010 and visa stamped in June 2011 through Employer but did not travel to US in that visa.
    I joined employer B and they reapplied for my H1B in June 2013 using my previous petition just before it got expired in Oct 2013. I got my new H1B visa stamped in May 2014 and came to US to work immediately.
    Am I now in the first 3 year period of H1B visa or the second 3 year period out of the 6 year ?

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    H1B CAP once secured is valid for 6 years. Only the time that you have spent in U.S in H1B + L1 status counts towards the 6 year period. The time that you have spent outside will not count and the employer can recapture that time by filing proper documents (stating when you actually started using your H1B CAP and how long you have used it).
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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