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H1 Visa stamping during 25 weeks pregnant in chennai

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  • H1 Visa stamping during 25 weeks pregnant in chennai

    I am travelling mid of December to Chennai due to family event and since I changed my employer recently ( Working for Direct client as Full Time), I have to go for visa stamping and this is my second time visa stamping on H1B. I haven't had any issues with my stamping in the past for both F1 and H1 visas. I would like to know if I need to get any additional documents for my health and did any one had visa stamping experience when pregnant.

    Any response will be highly appreciated


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    There won't be any issues because of your pregnancy. You must have active health insurance in USA. Please consult a doctor before you go for visa stamping and get medical report stating your health condition if visa officer asked.
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