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H1 Visa revoked. Is it still CAP exempt?

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  • H1 Visa revoked. Is it still CAP exempt?

    My company went out of business two weeks ago and my H1 visa was revoked yesterday. I got a new job offer and asked the new employer to file for consular processing. I am leaving the country in 4 days to further not accumulate out of status days. Is my visa CAP exempt? My H1b Visa ( Form I-129 according to USCIS case status ) was approved in July this year and it started in October this year. I have not got the stamping yet. Is my visa CAP exempt? So when the employer files for the consular processing, I can re-enter with the new employer's stamp? Please help with this detail.

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    Hi ,

    I'm in the same situation, do you have any information? I would really appreciate if someone can shed some more insights on the transfer possibility of revoke petition?



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      If you are really looking for a help, better contact immigration attorney. They definitely will provide you the concrete solution. I am also kind of same situation but it worked for me this year