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H1B stamping with DWI (Driving while intoxicated - DUI in Texas)

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  • H1B stamping with DWI (Driving while intoxicated - DUI in Texas)

    Hi All

    I got arrested for DWI (DUI in Texas) in Feb 2014. I pleaded guilty and complted my probabtion. As of now my case is completed. I have court disposition, arrest doc and probabtion completion letter. Mine was a simple DUI with no aggravating factors. The probaton was for one year without any jail term. However in the disposition doc, its mentioned, "the confinement is for 120 days and that the confinement is cancelled and the defendant is placed on probation".

    Now I wanna go to India for my H1B stamping. I plan to go to Mumbai Consulate. Can anyone tell me what are my chances of getting H1B stamped successfully? I have read few forums and most of you got your visa stamped. Can you please share your experiences and what precautions I need to take? What is wait-time after completing medical evaluation and how to minimize the wait-time? Is it wise to go during non peak season and what is non-peak season for stamping? which is the fastest consulate to process 221g and H1B visa?

    Looking forward to your responses.