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H1B Extension RFE - What the Heck?

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  • H1B Extension RFE - What the Heck?

    Let me first start off by apologizing if I sound too arrogant - but I have a need to accurately reflect my self appraisal in this thread for full clarity.

    I am a quintessential H1B candidate. I graduated from an exceptional university with MS in Electrical Engg and have been working for very good employers. I have maintained impeccable immigration track record. Never engaged in shady employments and always reported my addresses. None of the immigration norms starting from OPT have been ever violated. My work has made $$$$ for my employers and I have been well compensated and recognized for my work. I like my employer and my employer likes me. I had my first H1B approved and then my second H1B transfer approved without a hitch.

    Yet this time when we were filing our H1B Extension, I got an RFE - I do not yet know the contents of the RFE to know what they want. But I am wondering what on the planet earth under the good heaven can I receive an RFE for? The only situational difference now is that I work from home for my employer a good amount of time. I do not have any third client relationship nor work for any outside clients. Its just me and my fortune 100 employer in a core software development field. It just feels disgusting to go through RFE with all the efforts I put in to maintain an impeccable immigration record for the past six years - What could I possibly receive an RFE for?