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White slip 221g issued at Hyd. consulate

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  • White slip 221g issued at Hyd. consulate


    I have attended my H1B interview on 17-Nov-2015 and I had OFC on 16-Nov-2015 at Hyd consulate.

    I don't know what went wrong but I have been issued a white slip 221g. VO returned all my documents including my Passport. She kept only my project documentation.
    They didn't ask for any more documentation. only 1 check box is checked in the slip i.e., "Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made".

    When I checked the status in website, the case created date is showing my OFC date i.e., 16-Nov and updated status is showing my interview date 17-Nov.

    Now my question is that,
    1. how can a case be created before attending the interview?
    2. Is the Visa issuing process will be decided before attending the interview? Will they decide before hand whether to issue the visa or not to anyone?
    3. Do I have any hopes of getting VISA now after getting whiteslip? I read that when white slip is issue there is no hopes of getting the VISA.
    4. Any one else is having the same issue as mine?

    Appreciate the reply.