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How soon a person should leave after H4 denial letter.

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  • How soon a person should leave after H4 denial letter.


    I am in a quite confusion as to when should my wife leave the country after receiving her H4 denial letter.

    As of now my lawyer did not receive any letter for denial but online it says it is denied.

    Online status was updated on 16 of December, should she leave immediately given the fact that we weren't expecting this result because my H1b got approved after two days of her denial status.

    As of holiday season hard to get tickets so i got the tickets for 31st of December with or without letter she is leaving i hope this is ok.

    What should i need to do in this Case???

    Please help.

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    As per my understanding she should leave right away.
    This is not a legal advice. Use at your own risk.


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      That is fine and understandable. As long as the stay past the denial date is less than 10 days, there will be no issues.
      She can get her H4 visa stamped based on your recent H1B approval notice and return back.
      Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.