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  • H1b academic to non academic

    I graduated recently and joined a university job after EAD arrival in Nov beginning. Presently on OPT. I have the following knowledge
    1. If I want to work in industry, I need a non academic H1b
    2. I can participate in 2 lotteries for industry H1b
    3. I cannot participate in a industry H1b unless I have an industry job
    4. I may opt to get academic H1b in April 2016 without lottery, though that will leave me with only one chance of industry H1b lottery

    I have the following questions based on the above knowledge

    1. Is there a procedure for transferring academic H1b to industry H1b
    2. If answer to above is no, then is it possible that I obtain an industry job by April 2016, the company files for my H1b, and I join the company in Nov 2016? (I want to work for a year in the present university job)
    3.What if I do not apply for academic H1b and instead continue on OPT till nov 2016. Then, in Nov 2016 I switch to industry job on OPT.
    4. Will my OPT be cancelled irreversibly once I opt for academic H1b? That is, if I opt for academic H1b, there is no way I can join industry in Nov 2016 (because my OPT is nullified?)