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H1B to Family Based Visa

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  • H1B to Family Based Visa

    Hello Guys,

    I am currently H1B and applied for my renewal on June 25th 2015. My Visa expiry date is on 30th June 2015.

    I applied for premium processing on Dec 16th. On Dec 23rd I got an RFE on my case.

    My fiance is a US Citizen and I am planning to get married in the next month and file my Family based Green Card.

    How is my H1B decision going to effect my green card process ?
    In case my RFE gets prolonged, after answering it, can I continue stay in the US until I get a H1B decision ?
    If I file my green card in the next month, and I get my EAD approved, will i still be dependent on the H1B decision ?
    I will be over the 180 days period since my Visa expired, but my extension was in process all along. Will this have a negative impact on my Green Card later on ?

    Thank You and appreciate your help !
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