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Employer asking h1 transfer money back

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  • Employer asking h1 transfer money back

    Hi, I am working for an employer A. I got offer from consultancy B (having about 200employees). But due to some personal health issues I can't move to new location. Still my h1 transfer is not completed. Just got receipt number. I told B, I can't join due to my personal problems. So asked them let me know what I can do from my side to reduce your loss. B is asking $25000, that too he initiated transfer in regular process. And B is saying he will file a case.
    Please anyone came across this situation help me.
    Note : I am 100% the petition will receive RFE. Coz B don't have statement of work. And their plan is to get client letter once after I join client.

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    Do not pay


    Do not pay if you haven't signed any agreement.

    If you are sure its going to be RFE then you know you need not pay. In case if it gets approved,to compensate him, if you want you can pay him 2500-3000$, ask him to send the photocopy of Check sent to USCIS.

    He cannot sue you, reason employer cannot ask you H1B money.


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      He has to be crazy to ask you to pay $25,000. Did you sign any contracts? If so, then consult a good labor attorney. Employment in U.S is at-will basis. So a person can quit anytime.
      Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.