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Does 221g mean visa refusal?

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  • Does 221g mean visa refusal?


    I had applied for a H1B visa this yr and was given a 221g and my petition was put under additional adminstrative processing. Now my current employer wants me to visit US for a training and I need to apply for a B1 visa. My Question is while filling the application for the B1 visa, When it asks that if any of my visas were refused in the past 12 months, what should be the answer be? Does 221g mean a refusal of a visa? I think it is still in processing and is not actually refused. Please Help.


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    Hi Mougli,

    Dear Mougli,

    You have not mentioned when you have attended for H1B Visa Inerview earlier? your question should be clear..

    And you are saying that your case was under additional administrative processing (under processing) that means, we can not say, how much time it takes to complete the process by the consulate people (It is b'cos VO needs additional information on your Education, local experience or US company profile). That means your case status is cleary indicates that, is in PENDING (Process is not completed). You may receive the communication from the US consulate for further(can be getting the visa), once they satisfy about your case.

    My advise is when your process is not completed, you should not try Or apply of another Visa. (Next time when you attend for B1 Visa interview, that can be taken into consideration, and that time VO can ask you). Better you ask them (US Employer) to send a letter to US consulate where your case is PENDING to know the status. Then you will get the status and some idea. Then you can take a decision to think of another visa processing. Right.

    So, you can decide now,
    Go head..

    With Regards,
    By Experience &
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