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H4 Stamping or Dropbox after 6 yrs!!

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  • H4 Stamping or Dropbox after 6 yrs!!

    Hello All,

    My husband's h1b & my h4 got expired on Sep 2015.we applied for extension & got denied.went out of the country..applied again & now approved..
    My question is Can I go for dropbox option?? Same employer,Same country where I got stamped. Less than 12 months my visa expired..
    My first stamping is without i797 & took appointment & got stamped. Second stamping is dropbox. Now only my husband will have i797 with that can I Go for dropbox??
    Is my I797 mandatory for dropbox?

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    I-797 is mandatory only for the H1B visa application. For H4, H4 I-797 is not required, however a copy of the H1B holder's I-797 is required. Answer all the questions appropriately and the system will deceide whether you are eligible for visa IWP or not. Check the below link.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.