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H1B & H4 Stamping 2016 - Section 221(G) Singapore Embassy

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  • H1B & H4 Stamping 2016 - Section 221(G) Singapore Embassy

    Dear All,
    First of all thank you very much for immihelp for helping us to understand better on certain h1b stamping processing issues and experiences.
    Kindly requesting to share your experiences on the following Admin Processing requirements we are currently experiencing with US Embassy Singapore for H1B & H4 stamping
    Last week, on the day of interview VO requested for the following documents to submit under Sec 221G (Pink Notice)
    1. Interior and exterior photos of petitioner’s office spaces and lease agreement.
    2. Petitioner W2 & W3 forms for year 2012-2014.
    3. Petitioner federal Tax return for year 2012-2014.
    I personally went back to US Embassy on very next day and submitted the above requested documents.
    Kindly share your experience on how long it will take to process this. I would appreciate it if someone with a similar experience who got a successful visa would share their experiences.
    Is there any possibility or hope of getting visa or its considered as a visa refusal?
    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    See here



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      hi nehs,
      thank you and well noted the link


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        H1B & H4 Stamping 2016 - Section 221(G) US CONSULATE SINGAPORE

        Hi Friends
        Email with Golden words received from US CON SINGAPORE
        within 2 weeks of interview date
        The administrative processing on your U.S. visa application is now complete.
        Please follow the instructions on the attached form to submit your passport and/or other documents for visa printing.
        Your visa and passport will typically be ready in 5 business days after submission.
        One of our family member need to renew replace to digital passport ,
        we have submitted the passports yesterday waiting for VISA


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          H1B & H4 Stamping 2016 - Section 221(G) US CONSULATE SINGAPORE

          THANK YOU VERY MUCH IMMI HELP !!!!!!!!! for giving us such a kind of great opportunity to explore & gain the knowledge on the past experiences and information's on non-immigrant visa