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Advice on stolen identitiy --H1-B

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  • Advice on stolen identitiy --H1-B

    I had an appointment with the US consulate in ShangHai to get a new visa to come back to the States to continue me work and life. However, what I didn't know is that a total stranger stole my identity 5 year ago. When I was still single at school, this guy brought a copy of me passport, a **** I-20 form, a **** marriage certificate of this guy and me, along with his paperwork to apply for a visa to come to America as my husband.

    Of course, he was rejected, but all the **** documents were filed. When I went to apply for me visa, the officer told me I can't be granted because they suspect I is involved in smuggling people to the States unless I can clear me name.

    I don't even know this thief. I am really screwed up. If I don't clear me name, I will be banned to come to the States forever. This would cause crisis in my marriage.

    I am innocent and a victim of a sham by a scumbag. I definitely need a good lawyer to represent me to clear my name and lift the ban. Do you have met this kind of case? If you don't, would you please be kind to recommend someone else who would take this case to help me?

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