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h1b to h4 after working for 9 years on h1b

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  • h1b to h4 after working for 9 years on h1b

    Me and my Wife both are working in IT , We are on H1B With approved i140 mine with Eb3 and my wife on EB2 category. I have not been to India from last 6 years. I thought of converting to H4 from H1b - so that i can apply h4ead.

    Now our problem(due to all port of entry things going on last few months) is the interview how to justify that i'm applying for H4, however as in my all docs they can see i'm working from last 9 years and my wife working from 7 years. What should i reply if Visa Officer ask any of these questions...

    1.Why you are applying H4 from H1b.

    2.Your are having much exp/current salary then your wife even you are applying for H4.

    3.What will you do there?

    4.What is your future plan related to your career as you are applying for H4

    5.Any other obvious question of this H1-H4 case.

    Any answer/information related to these questions will be very helpful to me