Hi everyone,
Pls advice.
I have filed h1b in 2008 when I was in USA in h4 visa and it got approved n valid till 2011 , but due to market down i was not able to use it n never worked for that employer.
We moved back to my home country later .
I moved back to USA in 2o14 and got to know that as its within 6 yrs I can reopen n use my h1b before October 2014 if any new employer transfers it . Finally in September 2014 I got an employer and he filed for h1b in regular processing and got the reciept number . When I see the status of it it says " on October 1st we received your i129 form for a non immigrant petition.... " .
Now the status is the same ever since till date (Jan 2016)
My employer logged service request 3 times n uscis says they will respond in 3 weeks but nothing works out.
Now what shall I do .... I know uscis is going slow but this slow is alarming...
My dilamma is shall I convert it into premium processing ? If so is it worth it ?
Actually is my petition valid as I have filed a transfer exactly on the day 6 yr term ends (oct 1st 2008 to oct 1st 2014)?
Pls advice .