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H1b transfer from Non-Profit to Profit

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  • H1b transfer from Non-Profit to Profit


    I have used 5.5 yrs of H1B with a profit company and moved to non-profit with my approved I-140. With the 3 yr extension I moved to a non-profit company. I already used 2 yrs into it and I only have PERM approved with my non-profit company and my previous I-140 was revoked.

    my non-profit employer is not willing to file my I-140, am looking into options to extend my stay here

    (1) will I be able to transfer to profit company without going thru April lottery
    (2) if I need to go through lottery, when will I be able to start my work with profit company immediately and for how long will I be getting my Visa extended?
    (3) if I need to start from October, can my future profit employer be able to file my GC parallel to my H1 transfer filing in April

    any information is greatly appreciated

    Thanks for your time,