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F1 Visa to H1 Visa Confusion and Doubts

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  • F1 Visa to H1 Visa Confusion and Doubts

    Hello forum!

    I'm in a very strange situation that I need clearing up, because the people at my university are not being very helpful at all.

    I'm in an exchange program from my university, so I am currently enrolled in a foreign campus, but it's the same university. Because I am not a US citizen, I got my F1 visa to study here. When I got here, I was told I couldn't apply for jobs at all while I was still studying; it is my senior year, and so it made me very upset not being able to apply for a job within the US.

    As I understand it, the problem arises from being enrolled as a student in the other campus, making me a foreign student, and so I don't qualify for the OPT, which makes sense.

    My question would be then, am I allowed to apply for a job explicitly stating I need to get an H1 visa and not be violating any laws? As I understand it, until I have the visa, I cannot legally be considered as working for that company, so I'm not violating my status as a full time student. I'm also not on the OPT program, which I don't qualify for, because I would acquire the H1 visa. Therefore, it would be okay to apply for a job within the US, as long as I am also applying for that company to get me the work visa and then the Green Card.

    Am I understanding this correctly or is there something I am misunderstanding?