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GC process for non-IT 3 years degree

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  • GC process for non-IT 3 years degree

    I worked in India for 10+ years in other companies and then I joined my present company in India only. Worked with them 2 years in India and then 3.2 years in US now (3 years on L1B and 2 months on H1B) with same company. Total experience is 15.8 years.
    My manager is convinced to start GC process. My highest education is 3 years B.Sc. (Zoology, Botany and Chemistry), which is non-IT. In few posts I read that USCIS will reject at I-140 stage because LCA/PERM requirement will mention graduation/Bachelor degree, which is supposed to be US equivalent ( 4 years), while mine is 3 years bachelor degree.
    Even in EB-3, can this be a issue ?
    If I want to evaluate my degree, where it can be done ? I have marksheet in English and degree in non-English language.
    Any help will be appreciated.