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H1-B / B1-B2 with Canadian Work Permit

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  • H1-B / B1-B2 with Canadian Work Permit

    I am in USA on H1-B visa since early 2012, working on the payroll of a US multinational. My I-140 was approved in 2014 and my Green Card petition has been filed under EB3 category. I also have a B1/B2 visa.

    Now, I am being offered a position in another organization which has offices across US & Canada. The organization needs me to be based at their Canada office for a couple of years, after which I may have an opportunity to come back to US on L1-A visa.

    I had a few questions I would request help on:
    1. Would I need my offer letter before I can apply for a Canadian work permit?
    2.How long does it typically take to get a Canada work permit?
    3.Once in Canada, I might need to travel to US offices. In that case, is it advised to travel on B1/B2 visa or my H1-B?
    4.If I plan travel on H1-B visa (for my Canada – US trips), I am assuming my prospective employer would also need to port my current H1-B. Is that right?
    5.Is it OK to concurrently have a Canadian work permit, work in Canada and still have an active H1-B?
    6.If and when, I get an opportunity to relocate back to US and apply for an L1-A visa, I understand that the requirement is to employed by a non-US entity of a US organization for a period of 1 year in the preceding three years. Does that condition mean a physical stay outside of the US?
    7.As a follow-up to question 6. – Does the period of 1 year exclude the duration of my stay in US locations for business/work visits?

    Any insights would be helpful.