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Basis of Visa Classification for I129 and LCA

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  • Basis of Visa Classification for I129 and LCA

    I have a part-time cap-exempt H1B through a University and a concurrent part-time H1B through a startup company, both approved couple months ago and valid until Sep 2016. Startup is transitioning me into a full-time from October 1 2016 and it is applying for a capped H1B (US Masters or above) on April 1. The job title, responsibilities and salary per hour will remain the same with the startup except it would become *full-time*.

    What would be the right selection for the basis of visa classification in I-129 (H1B) and ETA form 9035 (LCA) in this situation?

    (I-129 - Page 2, Part 2) Item 2. Basis for Classification (select only one): (a) New employment, (b) Continuation of previously approved employment without change with the same employer, (c) Change in previously approved employment, (d) New concurrent employment, (e) Change of employer, (f) Amended petition