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OPT Extension and H1B Filling

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  • OPT Extension and H1B Filling

    High Importance !

    Hi All,

    I have a critical situation. Currently I am on 17 month OPT Extension period, I got a full time opportunity but it starts after April 10th 2016. Here is the tricky part, The current employer where I am working as a contractor with him is going to apply H1B this April 1st 2016. If after applying my H1B i.e after April 1st 2016 I join as full time and I will update my employment to USICS that current employer is Full time Employer.

    Now I don't want to loose the opportunity of filing H1B and loose the opportunity of Full Time. I am in a big confusion which one to chose.

    Please kindly help me with this situation what would be best way to go.

    please kindly help in giving best solutions.

    Thank you