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H1b Expired on 15th Oct 2015. Extension Filed in Generic Process on 14th Oct 2015.

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  • H1b Expired on 15th Oct 2015. Extension Filed in Generic Process on 14th Oct 2015.

    Hi All;

    Good Morning!!

    My Initial H1b, got Approved for only 1 Year, on 15th Oct 2014. I went for Stamping in Chennai Consulate on 24th December 2014. As My Case went for 221 G, Admin Processing for two times, got my Visa Stamped by Jul 2015. I came to US by Sept 15, 2015. My Employer has filed for extension on 14th October 2015. It has been processed under General Category. It has been filed in Vermont Service Center.

    Its been 5 Months Now, there is not even a single Needle Movement.

    Meanwhile, I am now in a Project. where in the Implementation Partner is quite happy with my performance and I had inquired with them about transferring my H1b to them. For which they mentioned that, it would be possible only after Jul 2016. As they have an MSA with my Current Employer, which states that modifications to the MSA can be made only after 6 Months of the Project Initiation.

    Here are my Questions:

    (1) How soon can i expect an update on my extension.
    (2) Can I transfer my H1b to my Implementation Partner, while my H1b Extension is in Progress.
    (3) As I am planning to bring in my Wife, post my extension - As it is been a long time since I left my Home. Is it fine to process it in Premium at this stage, which can help me in bringing my Wife ASAP.

    Appreciate your sincere guidance here.

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