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Traveling on H1B while H1 Transfer in process

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  • Traveling on H1B while H1 Transfer in process

    I filed for H1 Transfer (from company A to Company B) 2 months back and started working for the new Company( Company B) immediately. My visa from the old employer( Company A) is valid till 2007. and the H1 Transfer to the new company is still in process.

    Now I need to travel outside US and come back in 1-2 weeks. Could there be any issue while re-entering to US since H1 Approval for the New Employer has not come yet?Can I just show the H1 Transfer Filing Receipt in place of the I-797 H1 Transfer Approval ( since the H1 Transfer is in process and I don't have the new I-797 yet) ? I have all other paperwork(Offer letter fron new employer, Pay Stubs of new employment, W2, Tax returns etc.) available to show my continued employment.


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    Travel to India before H1 transfer approval but after getting receipt

    Hi guys

    Could someone please advise me on H1 transfer. I am working for company A and my current job is getting over on 31st march. Company B which is a recruiting company is doing my H1 transfer starting next week. So I'll get the H1 receipt within 15 days. After that I am going to India on 12th April and will go for stamping in Delhi once the company B sends me all the approval documents in India. My question is would there be a problem in getting my new h1 visa stamped as I leave the country before getting the approval (but after getting the receipt)? I won't have any pay stubs from the new job as I will be starting my work only after I come back. But I'll have all the pay stubs till March 31st from my previous job. I would appreciate if someone can tell me the problems involved in this and ofcourse the solution (other than going for premium processing).