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After 2 approved k-1 petitions, can i file a k-3?

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  • After 2 approved k-1 petitions, can i file a k-3?

    Hello All,
    I need some answers if you can help.
    1. My first K-1 petition was approved on May 2011 but my fiance in Thailand was denied her visa due to her background checks.
    2. My second K-1 for a different fiance in Thailand (I'm Thai-American, we both never married) and was approved in July 2015. She received her package sometime in September (I think) and I'm not sure if her application still pending (I will ask her). Since receiving her package, she has not started the process becuase of working and trying to finish college before she can come to the US. She's now ready to work on her application but she's not sure what to do because she has a problem. Her mother and family members will not be able to take care her baby for her. The petition does not include her baby because she wanted to bring her baby later after she's in the US. We've known each other since march 2013 and still love and care about each very much.

    My questions:
    1. Does she need to contact the consulate in her country and explain her situations to see if she can bring her baby with her or by letting me add her child onto the petition? Or, do I need to write a letter to the National Visa to withdraw to prevent any future red flags?
    2. If not, can we get married in her country and apply for K-3 & K-4?
    3. After two approved K-1 petitions, can I still file a K-3 & K-4? I understand that K petition has filing limitation but not sure which K visas
    4. What do we need to do to with the situation now to prevent any red flags if file a K-3 & K-4 in the future?
    Thank you very much for your time and effort in answring