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Help on H4 issue

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  • Help on H4 issue


    I am on H1 and came to US in Aug 05. I started my work in middle of Nov. as my company lost some projects due to long waiting period at consulate and some nature disasters in Gujarat during moonsoon. My family members will be going to appear for visa interview. As I started in Nov. I have only 6000$ income in 2005. I have given pay stub for Nov, DEc, Jan. I recieved my W2 on 2/1/2006 but not filed my return yet. My company is in MI and they posted me at WA for my work.

    My questions are,

    1) Will they ask any questions for period from mid Aug to Mid NOV.
    2) What about low income in 2005. My company had given me a letter stating my income will be more then lower limit.
    3) Weather it matters that my bank is in MI and i am leaving in WA.
    4) I sent original I797 to my family members. If I dont have it then shall I be in problem.
    5) Shall I rquire to file my tax return for 2005 and fax a copy of that to my family member?