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H1 appointment on March 14 2006 at chennai pls help me out

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  • H1 appointment on March 14 2006 at chennai pls help me out

    Hi Friends,

    This is Vinod from hyderbad, I have appointment on 14th march 2006 at Chennai for H1B. I heard that the VO is asking for Clinet letter but my consultant in US is trying to get that but i am not sure that it will get before my interview date. So any body can arrange me this clinet letter from any US client. and give me some suggestion reg the interview and the what questions that VO ask. pls help me out and give me mail [email protected] and my number is 9848508977 pls help me out

    Tahnking you
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    Are you the first guy going through this consultant ,Then they will definiteley ask you about the client and their letter fr contract .
    Its better make a knowledge about your client and what type of project you are going to do there and which place etc ,when they ask about it u tell him this and more over u keep all the documents relating to your consultant.

    make sure that u answer in such a way that he should not ask a second question on the same question.If u give him a chance then he may check all the documents.
    Whatever u say to be true and prcise and should not be condtriductary with earlier staements.
    Be prepared to prove yourself as a qualified guy for the job.Then no problems.
    Never Tell any lie and this will be recorded and will reflect in your subsequent interviews.
    Be confident and go all the best