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  • H1B Transfer

    Dear All

    I am looking for your expert advice and suggestions on my situation.

    I got an offer from Company A in the USA,I got my H1B stamped as well in Dec2015.Currently working with Company B in india and have not travelled to t.
    the USA so far.My Company B is a big MNC and has office in USA also,i want to go for petition transfer with B.

    1.Will I need to take approval from Company A?

    2.If not and my company B files a new petition will i have to go for H1b visa interview again?

    3.What are the probabilities of getting the petition approved by USCIS?Will they ask why i didnt travel and coming again for petition?

    4.Should i reach to the USA and then make a transfer rather than doing in India?

    Would highly appreciate your response. I am in great dilemma whether i should keep waiting for company A or go for H1b transfer with Company B