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Working in real estate while having an H1B visa

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  • Working in real estate while having an H1B visa

    Hi experts,

    I'm currently living in USA as an IT Engineer and with a H1B visa. I was thinking about earn some extra money with real estate.

    The plan is to work as a wholesaler. In this, I'll not work for a second employer.

    Do you know if this stills illegal?

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    Any advice?

    Any advise is very welcome.


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      Have you worked already? If not you can get connected with this real estate investor funding company. They will help you get on your feet and learn how to do the job properly. My brother is working with them and now he is one of their best real estate agents. He was inexperienced and they helped him a lot, now he loves his job because he is the best one. He always was competitive with others and that is what drives him to become the best. You should find what motivates you and that will help you get to the level you want to be.
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