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Filing for divorce on H4 visa

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  • Filing for divorce on H4 visa

    I was a working professional with a good job. I got married last year and therefore had to leave my job and follow my husband to the USA on a dependent visa. Since then I have been unemployed in this country. Our marriage is not also going the way it should. We mutually agree that this marriage is not a happy one and that we need to separate.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Since I am on dependent visa, if we file for a divorce I should leave the country? If I can stay is it better for me to stay here on H4 or go back to my home country and pursue the divorce from there?
    2. Is it better to file for a divorce here or in our home country?
    3. Since I quit my job for this marriage and currently cannot support myself either here or in my home country does he have to pay for alimony or maintenance until I find a job for myself?

    Thank you.

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    Originally posted by studenthealthusa
    Once you get divorce, you are no longer H4 visa holder and you will have to leave US or else you have to stay in US illegally. But legally you can't stay. So think twice before taking any decision or step.
    Thank you for the reply. Staying in the country is not a priority. I can leave the USA anytime. I was just looking for the best way forward.
    Thank you again.