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H1B Petition expiring and I am outside USA

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  • H1B Petition expiring and I am outside USA


    Apologies if I have failed to conform to any conventions to post here.

    Some information about my VISA status:
    - My H1B petition from employer A is expiring on July 7, 2016.
    - I am citizen of India
    - My Visa stamp has already expired
    - I renewed my passport in India in April 2016 and it is valid till April 2026. I have my previous passport.
    - I have around 42 months left from the 60 month cap for H1B Visa.
    - Employer A was in the process of filing Green card for me when I left. I have my approved I-140 petition from Employer A. Priority date is May 2014.
    - Last day in USA was December 2, 2014. I stayed there for around 4.5 years.

    I am looking to move back to USA and looking for some advise which will increase my chances. My questions are:
    1. Do I need to take an employment in USA before July 7th so that a new employer can transfer my Visa? Or is it OK if the process takes longer and the petition expires?
    2. Will I come under the annual quota again and need to start from scratch? My research so far says annual quota should not affect me but please confirm.
    3. Will the green card process that was started by employer A will affect my chances of getting H1B Visa again? How about L1?
    4. My employer A has agreed to give me the same position and title that I had when I left 1.5 years ago. Will this have any advantage on my immigration process? Or is it equivalent to getting a new job from company B and apply for a new petition/renewal?
    5. I got married after coming back to India. So my wife would need H4 Visa. Considering my case: will she be able to work legally in United States if we move back here?

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.