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H1B Resignation and Transfer - ODD CASE

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  • H1B Resignation and Transfer - ODD CASE


    I have a rather odd case here, and was wondering what I should do.

    Yesterday on May 16th I handed in my 2 weeks notice for company A, as recommended in their corporate policy. They escorted me out the day I gave my notice. Company A does this with everyone who gives notice, as they deal with sensitive financial data. However, they are paying me another two weeks since I gave my two weeks notice.

    I already received approval for my visa transfer for company B. My (earliest possible) start date for company B is on May 31st, two weeks and one day away from the last day Company A will pay me for.

    I do not have a gap in paychecks, but I'm wondering if there is still a gap in "employment", since company A escorted me out the day I gave my notice.

    On May 16th after handing in my 2 weeks notice I asked HR what would be my last day of employment there, and they said they would get back to me. Today on May 17th they got back to me and said that yesterday was technically my last day of employment. I was not able to ask HR prior to resigning because their policy dictates that they fire everyone who they have reason to believe are looking to moving to a different company.

    Not sure if there is anything to be worried about. Or whether I should tell company B's lawyers, who handled my petition. I would be so thankful if anyone could advise!!!

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    there is nothing to worry about

    just to be on safer side you can inform the company b attorney and explain the situation.

    This is just an opinion
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