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H1B, H4 visa stamp through drop box

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  • H1B, H4 visa stamp through drop box


    This is to confirm if my family (currently in india) also eligible for drop-box along with me (i am in US with new petition).

    We(me & my family) went to India last year NOV'2015 and got visa stamped through **drop box** valid up to NOV'2016.
    I came back to US alone and changed employer in March'2016 and got new H1B petition (we are not authorized to submit H4 (I539) if family currently not in US).

    I will be travelling India in July and we have to go for stamping again since change of employer. Note: I strongly wish to go for stamping and don't want to travel on old employer visa even though it is valid.
    I may be eligible for drop box this also.. since my family don't have H4 from new employer are they still eligible for drop box along with me.

    since i already booked tickets, like to get stamping all together before return date.

    Much appreciate your response on this.