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Court Marriage on F1 visa in US while fiance is on B2 tourist visa

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  • Court Marriage on F1 visa in US while fiance is on B2 tourist visa

    Hi, I am currently on F1-OPT, F1 expired and OPT not expired. I have been selected in the H1 lottery this year and it is under process currently. Meanwhile, before my H1 gets approved, I wanted to do court marriage in US. My fiancée already has tourist visa and plans to travel to US in july and return to India in August. Hence, appreciate if you guys can help me with the belwo queries:

    1) Should there be any issue if we get married on our current visa status? Will this be considered as fraud by US immigration in any way?

    2) She would return to India in a month after the court marriage, so will she face any issue at the immigration?

    3) Further, my company plans to file for my gc in July. So, if we are married in court by then, would it be advisable to add my spouse's name while she is still in states or is it better to file as single and add her name after she leaves US? Please note the gc filing has to be done in july and cant be delayed.

    4) Should we opt for changing her visa status to F2, while she is in states or is it okay to change to H4 in India post October, after I get my H1 stamp.

    5) While filing the petition for change of visa status or gc filing, will there be any issue since my fiancé got married on tourist visa ?

    Thank you,