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H1 and H4 Visa stamping

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  • H1 and H4 Visa stamping

    Currently I am in USA on H1B (I94 is till 2019). I will be traveling to India in July 2016 (my family already traveled to India for vacation in May2016). I have scheduled visa stamping appointment for myself (H1B) and my dependents (H4 - Wife, Son and Daughter) in Mumbai.

    Due to some reasons I foresee that I may not be able to travel to India. In this scenario I have following questions.

    1) Do I need to make any changes to my visa appointment (single appointment with same MRV number)?
    2) Can my family go for visa interview without me on same appointment (I don't want to reschedule it as there are no appointment dates available) ?
    3) What will be the implications if I don't show up for the appointment (but my family appears for interview) without any changes to the appointment?
    4) Will there be any issues for getting visa for my dependent in this scenario?