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H1 to H4 COS while H1 extension is under process

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  • H1 to H4 COS while H1 extension is under process

    Here is my wife's situation

    She is on H1 and her I94 was expired in Feb 2016. Her H1 extension was filed in Jan 2016 and is still under process.

    We had our baby in March 2016 and she has been on Maternity leave from then till now. After some thought, we decided to change her status from H1 to H4 as she wants to be at home for few more months before going back to work and since my I140 is done long back, we can apply for EAD for her.

    Few questions on this situation..

    1 : WIll it be an issue if we file COS H1 to H4 while her H1 exetension is under process?
    2 : Since she was on Maternity leave from March 2016, she doesnt have paystubs from payperiod of April 2016...again is this an issue for COS H1 to H4?
    3 : How long is the COS H1 to H4 taking now? Is it advisable to go to India and get her H4 done and get her VIsa stamped in this situation?
    4 : In continuation to Q3, can we go to Canada / Jamaica instead of India to get her H4 and visa stamping done?

    Thanks In Advance

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    Any help plz


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      any updates plz