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H1 and H4 Stamping in India on Oct 3rd and 4th

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  • H1 and H4 Stamping in India on Oct 3rd and 4th

    Hi All,

    I have my H1B & H4 for my wife and Daughter Extension Stamping in Chennai on Oct 3rd and 4th.

    My Wife status when she was in US is F1. But now she is going for H4 as she don't want F1 and planning to continue studies on H4.

    Now If VO asks my wife, what do you after going to USA, she should tell that she continues her studies?. If she says like that, will there be any problem?.


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    My H1b and H4 stamping went through successfully at chennai consulate.

    Questions asked:

    1) Who is your Petitioner

    2) What is your Annual Salary

    3) Why did you change job on H1B

    4) Job Responsibilities

    5) Did your daughter born in USA?.

    6) Who is your Client

    7) What is your highest Qualification

    No Questions to My Wife.