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H1B Two Petitions with different employers

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  • H1B Two Petitions with different employers

    THis year two employers filed my H1b. One my current employerA and other from outside Employer B. I was working in US on L1B from last 3 years and my current EMployer A had filed my L1B extension but have to leave US as 240 days were passed for the decision to come from USCICS. Now I got RFE on the H1B which was filed by outside employer B as CLient letter and LCA were filed for two different designation and job responsibilities. I still have to hear on my current employer H1B and there is no further update on that. I am really worried right now - why there is no update yet on my other H1b from current Employer A and is that related to the RFE on the H1b from outside employer B in anyway. Should I revoke my outside H1B process or should response back. Also my outside employer filed for my COS by mistake and USICS have asked to wait for other two petitions (L1B-extension & H1B with current employer) decision to process that. here are my questions :-

    1. Should I response to my current RFE from outside employer, withdraw it or wait for response to my H1B from current employer?

    2. Outside Employer B should change the Client letter or LCA? LCA was actually filled as my actual profile and Client letter with different designation was filled by mistake

    3. What could be the reason for so much delay in my response for current employerA H1B petition? would it be possible they are waiting for response to my existing H1B from outside employer in order to respond for other petition with existing employer?

    4. Would there be any impact on my current employer A petition if I respond to outside RFE from Employer B.

    5. What is the safest option for me right now considering I will go with current employer in any case.

    6. As my current employer A and outside employer B, both requested for COS; would there be any chances of coming RFE just for COS thing stating by them to share current status of my stay in US. In my view- they should have access to my exit logs from the country 2 months back.

    7. Anyone came across such issue where CLient letter and LCA designation/job responsibilities were different and how they tackled the situation?

    Any help on above queries will be greatly appreciated.