My situation as follows:
I had worked 1 year and 3 months under CPT as F1. I have got my H1b its valid from 1/12/ 2016 to 8/18/2018. I came to visit my home country (Bangladesh) and attended H1b visa stamp interview on September 6 the first time. The consulate officer gave me 221g white slip after the interview and checked other. I have submitted all the requested docs on September 28 with company supporting letter, which I got from company immigration team. Now my application under Administrative Processing, and I have received my laid off this October 11 with 2 months notice period. My termination date is December 12.
My questions:
• What are the options I have if I do not get the visa before December 12?
• What are the options I do have now?
• My wife and son have their H4 visas. If I must separate visa application for a new employer, will they have to get the visa too?
• If I get a new job before or after December 12 and my current application under AD. Will I able to apply for separate visa application for the new employer?